It is our hope that this site will tell our story – the story of real people across the state who now have new, affordable housing options; people who have utilized our programs and services to develop tools for resolving housing problems in their communities; and people, like all of you, who strive to keep the dream of affordable housing alive.
- Mr. Samuel Kornegay, President
 NEW MAILING ADDRESS: The Affordable Housing Group
4600 Park Road  Suite 390
Charlotte, NC 28209
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Save the date – October 12thAnniversary Celebration Event in Raleigh.

The Development Center provides services to entities seeking to develop or enhance their ability to develop affordable housing in their communities.

The Training Center provides direct training on topics of interest to the affordable housing industry.


TAHG is a leader in North Carolina in providing and promoting green affordable housing that is socially, economically, and environmentally responsible.